Tuesday, April 15, 2014


I know I haven't updated in a while. It has gotten to a point where my life is too busy to maintain a blog. I haven't stopped leading a naughty life, but it's hard to find time to sit down and type everything down. I don't want to leave my readers here hanging, and I don't know if I will blog again, so maybe it's Goodbye?

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Merry Christmas!!

Merry Christmas to all and Happy Holidays!!

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Return to Bintan Part 7

Day 3 morning

This is the last part of my crazy days at Bintan.

Since it was our last day at the resort, we thought we would try the bodypaint one last time like yesterday. We woke up earlier than usual, and began putting on the paint for each other. We know that at a distance, it will look like we're wearing bikinis even though we are naked. So, this time instead of wearing a singlet, we left the room wearing JUST OUR BODYPAINT COMPLETELY IN THE NUDE! Jasmine was at first hesistant, but after some persuasion, she relented and decided to have some fun as well. My heart was beating so fast!! Wearing just our slippers and taking our room key, we closed the door behind us and made our way to the beach! My heart was beating so fast!! Our breasts were just bouncing as we walked and I can feel myself getting aroused by the nude walk.

Both of us were feeling quite nervous, and hastened our steps and in no time, reached the beach. It was really early in the morning, and the sun was not up completely yet. WE WERE COMPLETELY NAKED AT THE BEACH AND THERE WAS NOTHING TO COVER US WHATSOEVER! We just sat down for a while and had some idle chat. Sand was getting onto our butt and our bare vaginas. we also looked at each other and complimented each other for our toned figures. We didn't notice at first, but there were two guys which was quite a distance from us and they were also sitting on the sand. Jasmine was commenting about how the paint today felt different from yesterday, but I said it was the same, and pulled up her up and into the waters. With our keys and our slippers on the sand, we were playing happily in the waters. No singlets, no shorts, no underwear whatsoever near us! The nearest clothing we can access are in our room, which is a distance away! The thought of being so naked so far away from the nearest cover was really arousing! And Jasmine was actually right about the paint today. It was a more water-solulable type than yesterday's, which means the longer we stay in the water, the faster the paint will wear off! My heart was pounding so fast, since we were playing in the water, and were going to be completely naked soon!

When we were going into the waters, I also noticed the two guys at the distance turning their heads towards us. I don't think they know we are naked, since we have bodypaint on. But we are going to look quite different when we come out of the water!! The thought of us returning to our rooms naked are so exciting! While in the water, I had a small test and gave Jasmine's butt a tight slap, the area with the bodypaint which I touched actually gave way and revealed more skin! HA! I wonder how long before it all comes off naturally! After a while, I saw one of the guys stood up and head into the water too. But I don't know if I see wrongly or not, it seemed like he was naked and was also skinny dipping! I didn't see anything like shorts or swimming trunks on him. I told Jasmine about it, and her eyes beamed with interest and said we should check it out. Honestly, I was also curious, and soon forgot about the bodypaint and moved slowly towards him. It wasn't easy moving towards him in the waters and took us a while to finally go near him. When we were near him, we looked at him and saw that he was indeed naked as well! Of course, he could see us too, but didn't look too hard, maybe because he saw us with our 'bikinis' when we entered the water. By this time, I looked down, and saw that most of our bodypaint were gone! Jasmine also noticed and looked quite worried. We could see the guy's junk swaying in the water, but he could now also see our naked breasts and vagina!

Jasmine wanted to head back while there was barely any bodypaint left on us, but I asked her to wait for me, while I go nearer. That guy's body was so toned, I had to see for myself, but what I did next was totally unplanned and the craziest thing I have ever done.

Folding one arm across to hide my breasts with the water level around my chest level, I went near the guy and made sure he saw me before I asked him about the time. I told him I had nothing on me, and pretended to laugh it off! After going near him, I realised he was a complete hunk! Maybe that's why he dared to show off! It was so embarassing and arousing standing completely nude in front of a stranger, and my heart was beating so fast!! There's something being naked in the water that conceals you a bit and do not feel entirely naked. But can see his eyes were roaming all over me, especially my vagina through the water. I could see his manhood through the water as well, and he replied that he doesn't have anything on him either, and gave a smile back. His private part did not seem erected after he saw me. Was he gay? I mean 2 guys on a beach and one naked. Then he invited me back to his friend there sitting on the sand that where he has a watch and would be able to tell the time. I rejected his offer and was about to return to Jasmine when he asked me not to worry as his friend "was not interested in girls." His reply surprised me. I would presume that both of them are gay. He gave a friendly smile and asked me to follow him, then turned his back to me and exposed his naked butt in the waters to me! WOW!

Before I realised it, I signalled for Jasmine to wait further and followed him towards the shallow waters to the beach. I don't think I would have done it if I were alone! AS I followed towards him, I realised that I WAS EXPOSING MYSELF AS THE WATER LOWERED AND HE WOULD BE ABLE TO SEE ME NAKED!! ARGHHH!! Was that his plan all along? Then as he walked to the beach, the water slowly revealed his butt and his thighs, and then he suddenly turned around and said "Come". As he did that, I saw his cock and what surprised me was that it was now erected! OMG!! And it's so big! He wasn't gay?!! I hastened my steps with one hand across my breasts then exposed my vagina to him as the water lowered but then gravity and fatigue kicked in and instead of walking towards him, I FELL TOWARDS HIS NAKED BODY!!! OMG!!! I tried to grab onto something but as both of us were naked, I slid my hand down his back, trying to grab onto something until I touched his butt!! He was quite the gentleman and instinctively grabbed me to prevent my fall, but as he did that, his hands and arms went all over the my naked body and accidentally grabbed my boobs and butt!! But the most unexpected thing was that when he half-bent to help me, the angle of his erected cock went near my face and nearly touched me!! ARGGHH!!! Everything just happened so fast in that moment!! I think he also knew I was aroused as his arm brushed across my erected nipples!! SO EMBARRASSING!! I was naked in front of a stranger at a beach far away from any clothes or cover!!!!

I checked the bodypaint on my body and it was all gone. His friend looked at us, but really wasn't paying much attention. By this time, I gave up trying to hide my private parts and walked normally naked with him to his friend where he gave me the time. We were just standing there in the nude with his erected cock and me without a stitch of clothing like it was very normal!! Can see he was as aroused as I was, but he was still able to maintain his cool and praised me for having a sexy figure and then asked for my number! He even had a pen with him! I was already super nervous being naked in front of him and all, then quickly scribbled a false number to him. I thanked him for the time and then as I bid farewell, I DID THE CRAZIEST THING EVER!! I HUGGED HIM THANKING HIM AND SAID GOODBYE!! HA! Both of us wet, naked, covered in partial sweat and aroused, I went forward and wrapped my arms around him, pushing my naked breasts on his chest! His erected cock pushed against my crotch and went up to near my belly button! I rubbed my nipples against his chest a while, and I can feel his hands rubbing my bare back until his hands reached my butt and groped my butt! So naughty but I like! Hee! If his friend was not watching at us awkwardly or Jasmine waiting for me, I would have pushed his cock into me and fuck right there! His cock was so erected laying on my bare skin, then I slowly let go and pushed him away, but while letting go of my arms, I purposely brushed against his swollen tool violently just to feel it. I think it won't take long before he cum. HAHA! I am just so naughty, teasing him like that! My back and butt was facing the sea all this time, and Jasmine probably didn't see what happened. HA! Then I turned around and went into the waters and exposed my butt to him.

Now back safely in the waters, I told Jasmine we should leave. The sun was almost up and we were still naked without any bodypaint on us!! We made a quick dash and reached our slippers and keys. Now completely naked, Jasmine asked me how come the paint like that?! Can see Jasmine was panicking being in the nude out in the open. I told her maybe the paint might have expired. My heart was still pounding thinking of what I just did. I JUST HUGGED A RANDOM NAKED STRANGER IN THE MIDDLE OF NOWWHERE WEARING NOTHING AT ALL! But then, realising we were completely vulnerable now, I decided that we should really get to our room first. Taking the keys with us, I took the lead with Jasmine behind me, covering herself, while I covered my breasts with my arms and started running back. At a distance, can see the guys still looking at us until we reached the corner of our resort and lost sight of each other. While I was looking at them, I wasn't really paying attention what was in front, and out of nowhere, this group of 2 girls and 1 guy just appeared and walked towards us! WE WERE TRAPPED! The only thing on our body now are our slippers!! Completely naked without any bodypaint, I told Jasmine we should run faster. Covering ourselves with our hands, we just pretended like nothing happened and rushed past them. Can see their eyes staring at us. SO EMBARRASSSING!!!! Our breasts and vaginas were barely covered by our own hands. Luckily they didn't stop us or anything. I realised that it was the same group yesterday with the beach ball. Again, who would wake up early at a holiday resort just to play beach ball?! They were the only group we bumped into naked that morning. We reached our room safely after that. I took a longer time bathing in the bathtub, pleasuring myself fantasing of what had happened earlier on.

Note: If you are that naked guy at the beach that day, and you are reading this, please leave a comment with your email. Also state where your birthmark is. Yes, I saw everything that day :P

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Return to Bintan Part 6

Day 2 night

After our crazy experience at the pool earlier on, we rested a while before we got hungry. We didn't bring any underwear for this trip, so what we're wearing inside the room is all we have. Both of us were wearing over-sized singlets that were barely covering our breasts and vagina and this is as naked as we can get without embarassing each other. We decided to go explore the mini mart of the resort and maybe get some instant noodles and other tibits to eat. Jasmine then put on her FBT shorts to get ready, but I had only one clean shorts left and I can't wear it until checkout tomorrow. So, I just left the room wearing JUST MY SINGLET! The sheer material was rather thin, and my nipples were already protruding through my top! It covered just a few inches below my private part, so I guess I should be well covered. Jasmine was wearing a light blue singlet while mine was white. Hers was as thin as mine too, and her nipples were already erected through her top! But she had her shorts on, so she was more protected than me.

We left the room with our keys and money. As soon as we stepped out, two guys came from one end of the corridor walked towards us. My breasts were just bouncing without the support of bra when I walked. I can't see Jasmine's but assumed hers were also bouncing too as our singlets are quite thin. Jasmine was walking in front of me, but I guess her nipples were so obvious, the guys actually turned their heads and stared at her breasts! I was walking behind near Jasmine, so they just walked past us and I glanced behind, they looked back at us! I got a bit conscious and reached to pull my T-shirt from behind to cover my naked butt, and the moment I did that, the front of my singlet got stretched by the material and got pulled up, exposing my vagina! OMG!! I instinctively used my hand to cover my private part, and pulled my T-shirt down to cover myself. I think exposing my butt is still better than revealing my bare vagina! The short moment was kind of turned-on, and I found my vagina getting warm by the unexpected arousal! We walked some distance before we reached the mini mart and along the way, there were more stares at us, and probably at me!! Walking with nothing else but just a T-shirt on my body is probably too much! I can sometimes feel the wind blowing between my legs and the coldness carressing my private part! It felt so exhilarating!!

We shopped a bit at the mini mart and thankfully, there were almost no people inside and no stares, and I started to relax. I looked down and saw that my nipples were still protruded through my singlet! It was so obvious that one look at my breasts and you can make out how my nipples look like!! SO EMBARRASSING!! I must still be subconsciously aroused! We then got what we wanted, paid for the stuff and left the place. I think it was just a short trip out the room and back, but my near nudity makes the entire journey feel so long! We left the mini mart and started walking back. I secretly heaved a sigh of relief.

On the way back, Jasmine wanted to use the toilet, and she started to go in. Not wanting to be left behind half naked, I followed her in. She asked me to follow her inside the cubicle because she was scared there might be lizards inside. I didn't think too much of it and followed her in. The moment I closed the cubicle door, she pointed the water spray gun and shot it at me at full force! OMG!!! I blocked her instinctively and some of the water got deflected back at her! The cubicle was really small and that wasn't really a smart move from her. In the end, she got as wet as me, and then I saw that HER TOP HAD BECOME TRANSPARENT. HER BREASTS AND NIPPLES ARE NOW COMPLETELY VISIBLE AND EXPOSED, which brings me to my attention of my own singlet! I looked down and saw that MY SINGLET HAD BECOME DRENCHED AND TRANSPARENT TOO!! MY NIPPLES AND VAGINA ARE NOW JUST COVERED BY A PIECE OF WET TRANSLUCENT MATERIAL!!! ARGH!!! What has she done?!! But instead of feeling anything else, we were just laughing at ourselves silly and then opened the cubicle door for some air!

As soon as the cubicle door is opened, Jasmine began dashing through the exit door and ran back towards the room! Although her top is wet, she used the stuff we bought at the mini mart to cover herself! I have nothing to cover myself at all! I AM AS GOOD AS NAKED!!! I gave chase and along the way, we passed by a couple who were just staring at us and me! My nipples and vagina can completely be seen through my wet singlet!! SO EMBARRASSING!! My breasts were just bouncing as I ran and the couple saw everything!! I just cupped my boobs and quickly ran past them. As I ran, I noticed my singlet which were sticking to my skin started to run up my thighs and went above my vagina, totally exposing myself!! We were nearing the room and Jasmine did not turn her head at all while running, and I was worried she might lock me out of the room! I decided to get her attention but I was almost naked and have nothing with me, except my singlet and slippers!! Seeing no one around, I got a bit crazy and pulled my wet singlet over my head, leaving myself completely nude!! My heart was beating so fast! I rolled it into a ball, and threw the wet ball of singlet bomb at her!! I wasn't really thinking straight because after I did that, I was wearing just my slippers and other than that, I WAS COMPLETELY NAKED!!! The singlet hit her and got her attention, which made her turn around and she stared for a moment at me in my birthday suit! Really took a risk there because if Jasmine had chosen to ignore me, or worse grabbed the singlet into the room with her, I WOULD BE TRAPPED OUTSIDE COMPLETELY IN THE NUDE!! Her hands were already opening the room door, and I was reaching her, then suddenly the door opposite our room opened, and this guy appeared from behind the door and saw me! OMG!!! I was shocked!! Everything happened so fast! The naked front of my body was completely in plain sight!! My breasts which were bouncing and my exposed nipples and vagina were all exposed to him! IT WAS SO EMBARRASSING!!! I instinctively covered my breasts with my arm, and Jasmine just froze there instead of opening the door, and the guy just stared at us! I quickly pushed Jasmine through and door and myself in, and exposed my butt to him and closed the door behind us! Everything was totally unexpected!! My wet singlet was still outside the door, and after we were in the room, I reached for a towel to cover myself and used the bathroom. We were partially covered in sweat, as I bathe, I took the opportunity to pleasure myself after exposing myself so much just now :P

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Return to Bintan Part 5

Day 2 afternoon

After our fun in the morning, we bathe and rested a bit before we went breakfast. Jasmine took a longer bath than usual, I wonder what she doing inside. Kekeke. Breakfast was nice and we explored the resort further after that. Then we ended up returning to our rooms and FB on our Ipads. We posted a few pictures(with clothes of course!), and chit chatted a bit. I still remember we were talking about Channing Tatum. Such a hot bod!

Then afternoon came and we decided to go to the pool. We changed into our bikinis and brought along our towels, sunglasses, sunblock and our books. LOL! As if we're gonna read there. Jasmine wore a really skimpy piece with her top barely covering her boobs and her thong bottom! Wow, she looked really sexy in it! I can see her ass cheeks flowing out of the material from her thong! I wore a normal strapless bikini top and strings bikini for my bottom. We left the room, and immediately bumped into a guy walking past our door and stared at us! But we didn't really feel awkward as we were wearing our bikinis, not completely naked earlier in the morning! Even though our private parts were barely covered by a few pieces of cloth, as least we were not nude! HA! We proceeded to walk to the pool, and I could see Jasmine's breasts bouncing as we walked! Jasmine caught me looking at her boobs and I retreated my sight to look down and saw that my breasts were also bouncing! And suddenly, we realise we were walking in our tiny bikinis and a lot of stares around us were focused on us! 

We found a spot with shade, sat down on the beach chairs and applied the sunblock. Jasmine suggested helping me put the sunblock on my back. I turned my back to her, and she started applying on my shoulders and back. I was wondering why she was only using one hand, and without turning around, I guessed that she was holding on to the sunblock on the other hand. I lifted up my hair with both hands so that she can apply the lotion on my back better. THEN SUDDENLY, WITHOUT WARNING, SHE UNCLASPED MY BIKINI TOP! As I was wearing a strapless piece, the top immediately fell and dropped down, exposing my boobs. ARGH! AND I WAS JUST LIFTING MY HAIR WITH BOTH HANDS AND MY BREASTS AND NIPPLES SUDDENLY BECAME EXPOSED!!! I let out a soft gasp, let down my hair, covered my breasts and immediately stood up. Better get away from her before she tries anything more. AS I STOOD UP, MY BIKINI FELL TO MY FEET BECAUSE THE STRINGS HAD BEEN COMPLETELY UNTIED. OMG!!! WHEN DID SHE DO THAT?!! IN JUST A FEW SECONDS, JASMINE HAD MANAGED TO EXPOSE ME COMPLETELY. I AM NOW STANDING NAKED AT THE SWIMMING POOL WITHOUT ANYTHING COVERING MYSELF! As I didn't scream immediately, only the people near our vinicity looked towards us! I quickly used my hands to cover my boobs and proceeded to pick up my bikini! Before I can do that, Jasmine picked it up and threw it further away from the bench! I had to walk away from the bench to retrieve it!! Covering my breasts with my hands, my vagina and butt were now totally naked and exposed to everyone!! SO EMBARASSING!! My heart was beating so fast and I was so frantic that when I reached my bikini and bent down to pick it up, I did not see Jasmine running my way and with one push from her, I splashed clumsily into the swimming pool! Now as I recalled it, I think it was such a clumsy fall that I had actually opened my legs wide open while falling into it!! I wonder who had seen my naked vagina at that instant?!

Now completely naked in the water, and nowhere near the bench or my bikinis, I stood to the wall covering the front nude part of my body, while my back and butt were exposed. I HAVE NOTHING WHATSOEVER TO COVER MYSELF THIS TIME, NOT EVEN BODYPAINT! There were two other people in the section and their heads were virtually stuck to looking at my direction. I protested at Jasmine to return me my bikini while trying not to stand up too high, so as not to expose my bare nipples! I let the water just cover at my breasts level, but the movement of the waters caused my nipples to be exposed teasingly!! HA! It was like being scared, aroused and naughty at the same time. Jasmine saw that I had enough and decided to return me my bikini! She walked near the pool, dangled my swimwear in front of me, just out of reach! Everybody was just looking at us now and wondering what I would do next. No choice, I had to stand up completely out of the water, exposing my breasts and the water level at my waist before I can reach it! As I bent forward a bit, I can feel my butt got exposed as well! Don't care if people are seeing me naked already, first priority is to get myself clothed first! I quickly wore it back in the safety of the waters and felt somewhat relieved. By now, we had attracted a lot of attention around, and I called Jasmine to join me in the waters, so we can relax a bit.

We explored the pool a bit, got several people inside, but as it was a big lagoon, it wasn't too crowded. We were not the only girls wearing bikini, but I noticed ours were the smallest piece, barely covering our private part. Jasmine's thong bottom was attracting a lot of attention and my strings were just a tug away from being loosened! I brought Jasmine to the part of the pool, where there are jet streams of water shooting up with bubbles, just like a jacuzzi! We just relaxed there for a while and then slowly, I told Jasmine I want to show her something. Having her mentally-prepared helped. Under the cover of the numerous bubbles, I slowly pulled off her thong, and she gasped, trying to push my hand away! I told her to be calm, as no one can see. Then again, I pulled off her bottom until it reached her knees and her vagina was exposed. Next, I gently pushed and nudged her to the position of the jet stream and had it shoot up against her vagina! Jasmine's face immediately changed from apprehensive, to shocked to aroused! We were still in the shelter of the water and I was sitting beside her covering her, and by this time, her eyes were already closed from the arousal caused by the jet stream hitting her private part! I was trying to act normal, but can see some people looking at our direction. My friend was now naked in the waters and masturbating in a public pool! I turned back and saw that one of her hands had gone underwater to her private part and SHE WAS RUBBING HERSELF OPENLY. OMG!! It didn't take long for her to climax as her other hand grabbed onto me and squeezed me hard as she climaxed! After she settled down, and wore back her bikini, she looked at me and asked how I know about this. I just gave her a naughty smile.

Then I asked her to let me sit inside, half hinting that I also want to try. I guess she was quite satisfied with what she had experienced, so she was quite obedient and did not try to undress my bikini or do any naughty stuff. As I was covered by her, and there were bubbles hiding our bodies, instead of pulling my bikini off, I untied both strings and took it off completely! I think by then I was already horny, seeing what Jasmine had done, that next, I UNHINGED MY BIKINI TOP AND TOOK IT OFF LEAVING MYSELF COMPLETELY NAKED IN THE WATER!! OMG! This is so dangerous!! I tugged them under the weight of my feet and just sat there completely unprotected! I looked down and although I can't see anything, my hands went on to touch my breasts, my already aroused nipples, down to my bare vagina!! Now completely nude in the pool, I shifted myself, until the jet stream hit my vagina! Almost immediately, I felt myself getting aroused!!! Soon, I can't help it, and started rubbing myself too!! THIS IS TOO CRAZY!! My fingers sliding in and out of my vagina!!! Eventually, I just lost it and climaxed there!! Jasmine's back was facing me, giving me some sort of privacy and I just sat there after climax resting there, legs folded up with my chin resting on my knees and my arms around my legs. It was at this moment that I realised...the bikini was no longer tugged under my feet and was somewhere else! OMG!! Then Jasmine looked back and before I can react, she pulled me up saying "Let's go!" Everything happened so fast, and being weak from earlier, my body got pulled and moved away from the shelter of the bubbles. Not wanting to lose my balance, I stood up clumsily and MY NAKED BREASTS ROSE ABOVE THE WATER LEVEL OF THE POOL, COMPLETELY EXPOSING MY NIPPLES!! ARGH!! Jasmine doesn't know I had taken everything off and was now naked!! Now with my breasts in plain sight, and in the clear waters, my nipples and vagina were also now completely exposed!! Several people in the vicinity just turned their head and just stared at me! with one hand being pulled by Jasmine, I used the other arm to shield my bare breasts embarrassingly! ARGH!!! I uttered a weak "wait", before Jasmine turned back and saw my nudity and was slightly shocked! I looked around and saw one piece of my bikini floating a few metres away and quickly asked Jasmine to help me take before I returned to the shelter of the jacuzzi bubbles! IT'S TOO EMBARRASSING!! IN JUST A SHORT MOMENT, EVERYONE HAD SEEN ME NAKED!! I think the attention we were getting were too much, and Jasmine quickly helped me retrieve my bikinis and returned to me. I hastily put back on my bikinis and got out of the pool with Jasmine and back to our beach chairs. We quickly cleared up our stuff and left the spot back to our room.

Jasmine turned to look at me commenting she didn't know I was THAT CRAZY. I gave her a naughty smile and asked her, "That was fun, wasn't it?" She nodded and both of us walked back, knowing that we had both masturbated in the public pool and got away with it :P

Monday, November 4, 2013

Return to Bintan Part 4

Day 2 morning

I woke Jasmine up in the wee hours of the morning because we were going to the beach and planned to skinnydip with our bodypaint! It wasn't as easy as putting on a bikini and a bit of effort was needed to properly paint on our bodies. Who would have thought go holiday also need to wake up early? HA! We stripped naked and started the painting on each other's hard-to-reach areas. We were initially thinking of going out naked just like that, but then still feeling a bit scared, we put on a singlet each and went out bottomless like last night.

Closing the door behind us, our vaginas were protected by nothing except bodypaint! As it was cold in the morning, our nipples poked through our singlets and totally exposed ourselves. We were as good as naked! Our breasts bounced as we walked and I duno about Jasmine, but I totally felt no restriction on my vagina or butt! It totally felt free just walking like that. Then suddenly, "PIAK!!!" Jasmine gave my butt a tight slap! It startled me a bit and I returned the favour by grabbing her boobs! LOL!! I wanted to slap her butt too, but my hand accidentally end up touching her crotch, and realised that it was wet! She was already aroused! Anyway, if she had touched mine, she would have known I'm already aroused too! HA! Can see that she's embarrassed by it, and we continued walking to the beach. Halfway through, there was this couple which was walking towards our direction. OMG! It was a guy and a girl(maybe his gf), then I looked towards Jasmine, can see she slowed down a bit and almost moved her hand to cover her vagina! I whispered to her, ask her to pretend walk like normal. The couple didn't really suspect anything from a distance. Then as they walked nearer and nearer, they started to stare at us! I realised our nipples were just exposed from the two dots on our singlet! The way our breasts bounce without our bras must have attracted their attention! The guy especially stared at us from head to toe, and I think he realised we were not wearing anything on our bottom! SO EMBARRASSING!! He kept staring at our vaginas as they neared and there was nothing we were doing to cover ourself except let him see!! Everything happened quite fast, and they just walked past us and we still pretend like nothing happened. As soon as they past us, I lifted my hand and slapped Jasmine on the butt "PIAK!", confirming to them that we are really naked down there. HA! I looked back can see the guy upon hearing the sound, head turn to stare at us! But nothing he can do, since his girl with him. Our butts were just completely exposed to him now!

Upon reaching the beach, we sat on the sand for a while and can totally feel the sand on our butt literally! It was still very early and there wasn't anyone around. So, after a while I took the lead and took off my singlet, leaving myself wearing absolutely nothing except bodypaint. I put the singlet on the sand and stood up. Without any bikini, the sand were just sticking to my butt now, and I had to brush it all off from my naked skin. Then I ran a few metres from Jasmine, asking her how I look. She replied I did seem to be wearing a bikini, but my breasts were bouncing too much. LOL! I looked down and although my privates were covered in black bodypaint, it does look a bit obvious when I ran. Must be careful. Jasmine was still reluctant to take off her singlet when I returned to her, and then I suddenly pulled her hands up and lifted the singlet off her. Taken by surprise, she held onto her top and with me pulling hard, we could hear a tearing sound! OMG! I think she feared having her only clothing torn, she quickly let go, leaving herself completely in the nude now! NOW BOTH OF US ARE NOW NAKED AT THE PUBLIC BEACH. HA! I took both our singlets to pretend that I running away to scare her a bit, and she immediately stood up to chase after me! Then I threw the singlets on the sand, and pulled her hand instead into the waters together with me! It was so much fun!! Now that someone else is as naked as I am and we are just frolicking naked in the waters! We spent a good amount of time playing, splashing water at each other, and sometimes grabbing each others' boobs. HA! The water was rather clear and we could see some of the little fishes swimming inside. I don't know how long we spent in the waters, but by the time we realised, we were quite a distance from our singlets. I think the clothings were our point of return subconsciously because that would be the only thing keeping us from being totally naked!

It soon became obvious that we became tired after all the activity in the water, that we decided to go back. Because all this time that we were naked, we stayed in the water and had to half swim-walk all the time. As we turned to walk back, we suddenly realise that there were about 3 people there near our singlets! OMG!! They were 2 girls and 1 guy playing beach ball. OMG! Who would decide to come here in the early morning just to play beach ball?!! Both of us went as near as we can to the singlets while still underwater and seeing how freaked out Jasmine is, I decided to go retrieve our stuff. The group wasn't really that near, but close enough to see me as I walked out of the water. Slowly, the water revealed my shoulders, breasts, nipples, stomach, vagina, legs and finally my feet. I told myself I am wearing "bikini" with my bodypaint, but actually I WAS COMPLETELY NAKED!! The group turned their head to look at me, even the girls! ARGH!! Then they went back to play. I can feel them half-staring at me, while Jasmine was inside the water. I was so nervous. I tried to move without bouncing my breasts too much but forgetting how long we were inside the water, my feet got a bit weak and I staggered for a few moments, shaking my breasts uncontrollably. And all of them turned to look at me at once!! SO EMBARRASSING!! As I reached our singlets, the most freakish thing happened! Don't know how they play their ball, it bounced out of their area and rolled towards me!! Seeing them not moving and one of them waved at me, they expected me to help take the ball to them! OMG!!!! My heart started to beat so fast! There was no escaping this. At that moment, I was so nervous!! To prevent my breasts from bouncing, I held the ball with both hands and push my boobs together and went towards them, before throwing the ball back to them at a distance. While I was doing that, I realised that by squeezing my breasts together, I was teasing them further because now my breasts have a more defined cleavage, and exposing my erected nipples at the same time! I WAS TEASING THEM MORE THAN I WAS COVERING MYSELF!! ARGH!!! I think it was near enough for them to see me more clearly and they looked stunned, finally realising that I was completely naked!! SO EMBARASSING!! Then I turned around, exposed my butt to them and finally retrieve our stuff and left. Jasmine came out of the water after some distance was put between them and us.

After some distance, we realised that we had forgotten something important: OUR ROOM KEY!! WE WERE TRAPPED OUTSIDE OUR ROOM WITH JUST OUR SINGLETS! And since our bodies were wet, wearing our tops just made it more transparent and exposing our nipples! I told Jasmine I'm not going back because I don't want to see them again as they know I was naked! After some deliberation, we decided the best choice was to go to the counter and asked for a spare key (if they have any). This time, it was Jasmine's turn to go. She hesitated for a while and said she was bottomless and ppl would see her vagina even with bodypaint! She asked for my singlet, so she can cover her bottom and I can wait here. OMG! It was like yesterday again! Having no other choice, I took off my singlet and passed it to her. Now I am completely naked, except for the bodypaint on my body. "If ppl see me from afar, they'll still think I'm wearing bodypaint, right?" I think to myself. But as Jasmine started to walk away, I panic and followed her instinctively! I told her I followed her a few steps behind so I can hide myself a bit. While Jasmine used my singlet to tie to her waist for cover, I was COMPLETELY NAKED JUST BEHIND HER!! As we started to walk towards the lobby, I started to regret as it's becoming more and more crowded! One couple walked towards us, then stared at Jasmine, as she was wearing nothing except the two singlets on her body, and saw me behind her and was stunned! My breasts were bouncing with my erected nipples and I was just walking in the nude in front of them! No point covering myself now, just hope they don't think it's bodypaint. As we neared the lobby, I got a shock!

There were several people there, and everyone of them were fully clothed! Can see Jasmine also stunned a bit and she folded her arms to hide her breasts as she walked to the counter. The singlet wasn't covering her well, and I can see half her ass exposed! Then I saw the toilets and told Jasmine I need to relief myself, and instead went inside to hide! My heart was beating so fast walking around the resort completely naked that I did not see where I was going, and ended up in the guys' toilets as I saw the urinating compartments! OMG!!! I u-turned and was about to push the door open to exit, when I heard some guys' voice just outside the door! At this close distance, the guy would see me and realise that I'm completely naked!! I panic and quickly ran further inside and found an empty cubicle! I closed the door, hiding myself and trying to calm down. NOW I AM TRAPPED INSIDE COMPLETELY NAKED INSIDE A GUY'S TOILET AND JASMINE HAS NO WAY OF FINDING ME!!! Then when I saw the toilet bowl, I thought might as well pee first. I began to sit down and then instinctively used my thumbs to drag my panties/shorts down only to remind myself that I AM WEARING NONE! I cleaned myself after peeing and realising how vulnerable I am now, being nude and alone in a guys' toilet. I began to rub my breasts and my vagina and it didn't take long before I was pleasuring myself and climax inside the cubicle! It was so arousing I lost myself and moaned softly inside the cubicle! By then I realised the toilet was quiet again. I quietly opened the door and peeked out. No one was inside. It was now or never and I quickly ran out of the toilet! As I did not have a watch, I do not know how much time was lost, but Jasmine was still there at the counter. Then see her come back, while I was standing there feeling weakened after pleasuring myself! Suddenly feeling exhausted, I looked down and saw my breasts and realised again that I was still naked out in the open! Jasmine took the keys, dangled in front of me, before she started to run! OMG!!! I began to chase after her, making my breasts bounce and we ran all the way back to our rooms. I don't how many people saw us, but I don't care anymore. Jasmine quickly opened the door and I knew she was going to lock me out, then I quickly pushed the door open and closed it behind me! We stayed inside the room for a while, cleaned ourselves up, rested before we went for breakfast. The morning was over and the day was just beginning :)

Saturday, August 31, 2013

Return to Bintan Part 3

Day 1 night

As we were going to try the bodypaint tomorrow, we thought maybe we should try it first. The hard part wasn't the painting onto the skin that was difficult, it was the embarassment of getting naked in front of your friend and being painted on, because there were some areas like the back or the butt that was diffcult to reach. Jasmine and I had shaved beforehand as I had told her of the bodypaint idea. Now, because it was my idea, I had to try it on myself first! Inside the room, I was wearing a long t-shirt and no underwear inside. With a deep breath, I pulled my t-shirt over my head and stood in front of my friend in my birthday suit! This is so erotically awkward. Feeling a bit embarrassed, I cupped my breasts to hide from her sight. My heart beat a little faster than usual, and I was about to paint the front part of my vagina, when Jasmine stopped me! She asked me to put on my bikini first and after I did that, she used a marker to draw the outline of my bikini from my crotch to my butt and also my breasts area. She said it will be more accurate and easier to put on the bodypaint later. Now why didn't I think of that?!

I decided to just draw my crotch first to test and then put on a white singlet, so it wouldn't be that awkward. The singlet was skin-tight and made no effort to hide my nipples! I was slowly getting aroused by the experience. I painted the areas on and around my vagina and my front, then asked Jasmine to help paint my butt. I was standing, while she kneeled down to put on all the black paint. I then took off my singlet, and painted the front of my breasts and nipples, and she helped with my back. After she is done, I told her I need to go to the toilet, but instead of relieving myself, I used a tissue to wipe my private part and I was wet! The experiment hadn't even started, and I was already erotically stimulated! The plan was to order room service then had one of us lie on the bed with just body paint, while the staff brings the food in!! So, it would help us to see if our 'bikini' disguise would work!

Jasmine commented that when I stood far away, it actually did look like I was wearing a black bikini top and bottom. And the nearer she came to me, the more obvious it was paint. Anyway, we had our food ordered and I positioned myself on the bed. With the TV on, I would pretend that I was watching TV in my 'bra' and 'panties'. Hee! Gosh, my heart was beating so fast!! I touched my breasts a bit and it bounced. OMG!! Will I give myself away? Will the staff know that I am actually naked?!! I'm starting to have second thoughts and then, THE DOORBELL RANG!! I was such a nervous wreck now, aroused, excited and scared at the same time! I looked down again, and saw that my nipples were now fully erected, and pointing up!! There was no turning back, I could hear Jasmine letting the staff in, while I WAS LYING HERE ON THE BED COMPLETELY NAKED!!! The TV gave some pretence that I was paying attention, and then the staff came in. It was a guy! OMG!! He took a look at me, and was quite professional, and proceeded to put the tray of food to the right of me! I saw him glance a bit, and I think he's not sure if I'm wearing something or not, but I was so nervous! As he was arranging the food, he glanced again, this time having a more shocked reaction!! I THINK HE KNOWS I'M NAKED NOW!!! THIS IS SO EMBARRASSING!! Jasmine made no effort to block his view but instead, lifted herself a bit and sat on the bed hard, shaking the bed!! The bed shaking, made my breasts bounce a few times IN FULL VIEW OF HIM!!! ARGGHH!!!! I feel like covering myself, but realised if I do that, I would confirm my nakedness to him!! I looked at him, can see him swallowing his saliva on his throat a few times now. Then after he's done, and as Jasmine was making the payment, I decided to try something crazy. I slowly opened my legs further and further until my vagina is totally exposed!! OMG!!! THIS IS TOO CRAZY!! Everything seemed to happen in slow motion, and after he's done, he started to walked from my right to the exit, and then this time took a longer glance at me! I just froze there, embarrassed to the max! All my private parts are now just exposed this complete stranger!! Even though there are bodypaint, I'm sure he would have realised by now and was really looking at my breasts and vagina!!

The sound of the door closed gave me a huge relief! Jasmine returned back and said it looked really fun. She confessed she don't mind being the one lying on the bed next time! LOL!! Then she also said she wanted to try it now too. I said OK, but before I got up, I plucked a piece of tissue to wipe myself in front of her, and she gave me a grin smile, knowing I was aroused. Realising my friend know that I'm aroused, made me even more embarrassed! I told her it would be too suspicious to walk in a 'bikini' and we would have to draw rectangluar 'shorts' on ourselves so it would be OK. Since it was her first time, a 'shorts' bodypaint would naturally be better than a revealing 'bikini' bodypaint. We drew 'shorts' on her and and added paint on mine to look like 'shorts' too. She said she don't want her breasts to have paint, and I decided it was too dangerous to go outside to test-walk naked. So, both of us wore singlets, and left the room completely bottomless without any panties or underwear! It felt totally exhilarating and can see Jasmine look nervous and having fun at the same time too! Her breasts were also bouncing inside her singlet because there was no bra. Then suddenly at a distance, there was this couple who was looking at our direction!! Jasmine instinctively covered her vagina with her hands!! I pulled her hand away and told her to look normal, and she slowly did it. The couple looked away, and we could tell that our 'shorts' worked! No one could tell we were naked down there. HA! We returned to our room and settled down for the night. The next day would be an exciting one! Hee!